Get Ready to Run: Run 5 Unblocked

Run 5 Game

Wanna play as an alien? In Run 5 Unblocked, your goal will be to run along a tunnel and get to your destination. Run 5 will be a perfect pastime for everyone from kids to adults. Everyone plays games and no doubt all of them like to have fun.

Run 5 Unblocked

Run 5 Unblocked

However, gamers would rather prefer games that are quite graphically advanced and run like a charm. Online flash games such as Run 5 Unblocked load very fast and also they are graphically awesome. Hence, Run 5 Unblocked is going to be a trending online game when its released.

Run 5 Unblocked

First of all, you will have to wait for the official version of Run 5 to be released. Once we get the official stuffs on the web, we will announce an unblocked version of the game which, you know already, is Run 5 Unblocked.

System Requirements

You might think that Run 5 also has system requirements but it’s not quite like that. If you have a device with a web browser, then you are ready to play Run 5 Unblocked. In fact, you won’t even need a solid internet connection because you don’t play in multiplayer arena in Run 5 Unblocked. The next addition to the Run series features a single player mode, which is sure to award you with hours of fun.

Run 5 Unblocked Gameplay

If you are new to Run series, then you won’t have a problem learning the whole game thing (you will learn the basics in no time).

Run 5 Unblocked is going to be the most advanced game in the Run series so expect nothing less than smoother and superior gameplay compared to other games like Run 4 or maybe 3.

You will play as an alien looking for a way out of a tunnel with a lot of holes (of course, chances are high that you will fall from these large pores in the hallway). You have to keep only a few things in mind. Keep yourself away from the holes, locate the checkpoints and don’t get yourself killed.

However, Run 5 Unblocked is going to be kinda difficult and getting past all the holes might be a problem for those ‘not-a-pro’ out there.

Note: Run 5 Unblocked is rumored to feature level transitions which means that you will get the chance to play across different maps and modes.


Now, we have got as many as 5 games in the Run series. The latest game in the series is Run 5 with Run 1 being the first of its kind. As quoted in our articles on Run 4, Run 5 is now announced so stay tuned for updates on gameplay features and improvements.


The controls here are as easy as hell. Just use the movement keys to run along the tunnel. Avoid the holes by using the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ keys. 

Display Adaptations

Run 5 Unblocked will feature a dynamic display scheme. While controlling the alien with arrow keys, you will notice that the camera will tilt to right if it’s moved on the wall to your right.


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